United4 IstanbulConvention

Jul 1, 2021

2 min read

#United4IstanbulConvention: Social Media Materials for 1st of July

  1. The attempt to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention is unconstitutional, unlawful, and against international human rights norms. #United4IstanbulConvention
  2. We are committed to realizing gender equality for all and we will persist until our demands for equality, non-discrimination and life free of violence are met. #United4IstanbulConvention
  3. We are an international, intersectional united voice against global anti-gender attacks and will not back down in face of backlash. #United4IstanbulConvention
  4. Regression from the Istanbul Convention should be recognized as a regression from commitment to equality, democracy and rule of law.#United4IstanbulConvention
  5. We consider the withdrawal null and void and urge Turkey’s President to immediately reverse this decision.#United4IstanbulConvention
  6. This withdrawal attempt is the culmination of global attacks against human rights in general, and women’s and LGBTI+ rights in particular. But we won’t back down.#United4IstanbulConvention